Prof. Dr. Francesco Veglio

Research interests and skills: Recovery of precious and base metals from WEEE, spent batteries, and industrial wastes Recovery of Rare Earths from WEEE and industrial wastes Industrial Waste Waters Treatment Environmental technologies (biosorption and membrane technologies) Mineral Processing International Projects: HydroWEEE and HydroWEEE demo FENIX LIFE BITMAPS PEACOC TREASURE PASSENGER 14 National and EU patents. Relevant patents: Gold-REC1 - Process for the hydrometallurgical treatment of electronic boards Gold-REC2 - Hydrometallurgical method for the recovery of base metals and precious metals from a waste material Hydro-Nd - Hydrometallurgical method for the treatment of permanent magnets Process and plant for the treatment of a wastewater containing TMAH Founder of 3 spin-off companies: Smart Waste Engineering srl (University of L'Aquila, Italy) – period 2016-2022 Biomaterials & Engineering srl (University of L'Aquila, Italy) – period 2008-2022 Ecorecycling srl (University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy) - period 2008-2017 Reviewer of research and industrial projects: European projects (FP7, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe) Academy of Finland National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation - Kazakhstan Bibliometric data: Source Scopus (20/02/2022): N° of Publication International Journals: 235; Hindex (1999-2022) 50; Citations: 9037